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Pochette with Eyeglass Strap
Antique Frame with Earrings and Old Key
Pochette for Smartphones
Combination of old and new collection
Brooch with Stole clasp
Black Pony Skin Pochette & Eyeglass Strap Set
Pony Skin Pochette and Eyeglass Strap Set
Eyeglass Case Pochette & Eyeglass Strap Set

Pearl & Chain Eyeglass Strap

Pochette for glasses

New Action Parts Material

Pochette for glasses

Vintage Pearl Flower Bracelet

Square Monotone Necklace

Bead Ring Necklace

Acrylic Ball & Wood Bead Necklace

Glass Parts Necklaces from Various Countries

Square Crystal Parts

Small Flower Motif Earrings

Cross Medal Heraldic Brooch

Printed Pulp Ball

Italian Margherita

Mini Party bag Two-way Necklace

Brass Chain Sample

Gorgeous Four Motif Pendant

Brass Chain Warehouse

Leather Flower Necklace

Making The Bracelet

White Berry Pearl Necklace

Old Showroom ESSERE

Crystal & Pearl Cross

Cristallo Ovale Pendant

Watch Face Accessories

Earring & Bracelet

Pearl Dome Choker

Statement Necklace

Selecting Parts

White Berry Pearl Necklace

Robot Necklace

Chunky Chain Long Necklace

Statement Necklace

Metal and Chain Samples

Belt Accessories

Twisted Wave Shape Pearl Choker

Cross Medal Heraldic Long Necklace

Jet Black Crystal Stone Necklace

Filigree Brazing

Crystal Beads Dome Pin Brooch

Musical score Print Long Necklace

Grey Pearl Bracelet Wave Shape

Glass Flower 8 Petals Magnetic Brooch

Beads Shelf

Heart Rhinestones Pendant Necklace

Baby-Pearl Design Necklace

Gorgeous Pearl Necklace

Cross Medal Heraldic Long Necklace

Gorgeous Four Motif Pendant

Beaded Blu Pochette

Jewelry Disegno

Filigree Motif Crystal Pendant

Colorful Tropical Flower Necklace

Glass Beads Flower Set

Python Leather and Bead Necklace

Two Way Pearl Necklace

Braccialetto Lavoro

Gorgeous Turquoise Necklace

Oem Necklace

Goldfish & Micronesian Pearl Necklace

Paisley Motif Edited

Necklace col.Sabbia

Pulp Ball Necklace

Metal Necklace & Horn Element

Sliced Agate


Brooch Painting

Paisley Motif

Necklace Mix

Pearl Story

Gold Chain Necklaces

Beaded Pochette

Margherita Bracelet

Mixed Colour Motif

Floral Cameo Necklaces

Ruler and Scissors

Navy Blue

Butterfly Brazing

Leave and Drop

Flower Motifs

Pearl Dome Brooch

Ruler and Scissors Necklace

Stella Black Diamond

Horn Pendant


Dome Rings

Necklace and Bracelet

RubyRed Necklaces

Crayon Color

Flower Brooch-viola

Printed Chain



Pearl Doll


TeruTeru Earrings

Red berry,Strawberry,Raspberry....Forest Red

Black Horn Big Ring with Colorful Beads Necklaces


Dome Brooch

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